Seybold Seminars

The business of publishing is changing forever. Are you keeping pace with the change? Will you manage the radical transformation that is underway, and reap the rewards of the new business models they drive? For over 7 years now, The Seybold Report has been helping business owners understand and succeed with each new technology.

The Seybold Report not only analyzes new and potentially disruptive technology, we also help our readers understand what success looks like. Our new online service will augment an already strong lineup of succinct, high-level reports on upcoming tools, trends and best practices. Whether your business relies on print, online or hybrid content delivery, Seybold is an indispensable information source.

What’s in it?

If you’re working in the publishing sector, or are part of a service company to this industry, you have seen your traditional business models and processes change rapidly. Your industry is increasingly confronted by new competitors, new business models and new processes which threaten your traditional way of doing business and challenge you to come up with new profitable ways of delivering information.

The Seybold Report’s editorial mission is to be a source of news, market trend information, product analyses, case studies and practical ideas for business and technology managers who must address these new challenges.

Each in-depth issue gets you inside the trends that are changing the publishing industry every day with:

Unbiased product reviews and expert technology evaluations – Designed to facilitate your planning and purchasing decisions, these articles include a concise overview of the key features of a new product/technology and in-depth analysis on how this will impact on key business processes.

Insightful case studies – Seybold case studies reveal the behind-the-scenes information on how new print and online publishing technologies and business processes have been implemented and include measurable, quantitative results. These in-depth articles allow you to get an insider view on how your peers are coping with change and rising to the challenge of today’s publishing sector.

Thought-provoking articles on new trends – Designed to help you deal with the big picture, The Seybold Report looks at the trends shaping the online and print publishing industry from a technology, economic, business social and environmental view.

On-the-spot event coverage – Through participation at the key industry events, Seybold’s vast network will help you identify the trends, relevant news and significance of the event beyond the official attendance figures and program summaries. The Seybold Report will save you time by pinpointing and highlighting the important information from each event.

Product announcements and business news – The Seybold Report does not just report the news, but puts it into context and analyses its impact on the broader publishing market, helping you to focus on what is important for your business.

You’ll also benefit from penetrating reviews of the business issues and market conditions that determine the success of new products, technologies and companies. Read about the latest developments in all these mission-critical topic areas:

Cross-media authoring and production
Magazines and newspapers – for both print and online media
Book production – for both print and online applications
Catalog data management and production
Advertising management and control
Content, resource and rights management technology
Color management, proofing and online collaboration
On-demand and variable data digital printing
Web 2.0, search technology and the impact of new media
Print manufacturing and automation, including web-to-print
“Beyond technology” issues, including outsourcing and sustainability
Practical standards and specifications for publishing